The band Griff was formed by Rémi Decker and uses the skills of three virtuoso bagpipe players as a starting point (either playing solo or in polyphony), arranged in a modern, though not superficial way. Their repertoire is a balance between new composition and traditional music, using different types of bagpipes, as well as whistles and singing. Guitar, diatonic accordion and double bass provide an attentive and inventive accompaniment that adds rhythm, colour and dynamics to a band guided by intuition, rather than by conventions.

!!!BECAUSE OF 'THINGS OF LIFE', at this moment, we play in quintet, NO DOUBLE BASS player until we find one... !!!

"They make a mighty sound when going at full tilt, but there is lots of subtlety as well, particularly when the pipes are played slowly on three-part harmony on airs and when the fine voice of Raphael De Cock is heard. " Vic Smith (fRoots May 2007 No. 287)

"Okay, this is a bagpipe overdose, but it is no overkill. As any fine drug it provides sweet dreams and tranquility, and you get addicted after a while..." Walkin' T:-)M©



Concert +/-1h30


all the year


technical rider

band picture 1 PORTRAIT
band picture 2 LANDSCAPE

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Griff @ Broodje Brussel Muziek Publique 19/05/09

Griff @ Rootstown - Aarschot, 16/05/09. Pictures by Patrick Van Vlerken