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"Pipes but no kilt" is their moto. Through different projects, Griff tries to create a new soundscape for bagpipes. Beside bagpipes, whistles and vocals has become more and more important. Still in the same polyphonical mind.

Tradition is the root, but their work regards harmony and virtuosity in both early and more contemporary music. Griff likes to clame they "shape air"...

Griff just makes the audience fly away to a new world of creativity.

Rémi Decker: bagpipe, whistles, vocals
Colin Deru: bagpipe, whistles, vocals
Rapaël De Cock: uilleann pipes, whistles, vocals

"... they bring bagpipe music to a higher level!"
Eelco Schilder - folkworld.de

"Okay, this is a bagpipe overdose, but it is no overkill. As any fine drug it provides sweet dreams and tranquility, and you get addicted after a while..."
Walkin' T:-)M© folkworld.de