GRIFF Colin Deru


Colin Deru plays with Compagnie Trivelin and Benelo and joined Griff Trio in 2012.

"I started music with my grand father. He gave me guitare lessons whand I was 7 or 8 years old. I was not very intersted in reading notes and I stopped quite soon. When I was 12 years old, I took a more official start for music starting diatonic accordeon, followed by bagpipes a few years later. I first took a few lessons with Rémi Decker and went on my own listening to CDs, but also taking example of my father who plays the pipes too, but never gave me any lesson. I followed further some workshops with Eric Montbel.

My First source of influence are the bals folk that my father played with bands like Trivelin and Kiermesdrep. But I'm interested in all kind of music, and on bagpipe level, I really like the work of pipers like Vincent Boniface, Eric Montbel, Rémi Decker, Julien Barbances, Julien Cartonnet...
I mostly play central French music but play also some Belgian, Swedish, Breton music. I appreciate as well some medieval and early music tunes."