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They are 3.
They are from Belgium.
And they are great musicians.

These 3 authentic troubadours from the 21st century invite you on a journey of celtic myths and legends, Scandinavian sagas and other traditional laments through vocal polyphony, bagpipes and flutes soundscapes. A journey through Belgian's cultural crossroads and traditions.

"Pipes but no kilt" is their motto. For more than 10 years, Griff has been creating a new music laboratory for bagpipes and traditional music.Since Autumn 2018: new line-up with Liesbet Marivoet!

Rémi Decker: bagpipe, whistles, vocals
Liesbet Marivoet: bagpipe, whistles, vocals
Raphaël De Cock: uilleann pipes, whistles, vocals

"... they bring bagpipe music to a higher level!"
Eelco Schilder - folkworld.de

"Okay, this is a bagpipe overdose, but it is no overkill. As any fine drug it provides sweet dreams and tranquility, and you get addicted after a while..."
Walkin' T:-)M© folkworld.de